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POEA License No.: POEA-212-LB-120115-R
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To be a pro – active partner in overseas employment in its request to regain its past statute as one of the Top Performers with three decades of existence in the global employment of competent, reliable and trustworthy OFW’s as world class citizens in various fields of endeavor, bringing to fore, the best in all that OFW’s can do, thus promoting bridges of cooperation and better understanding and good will. 



To attain its previous statute as a Top Performer in the field of overseas placement and when such status is attained, to maintain and remain as such.


In so doing, Ascend shall endeavor:


  1. To maintain harmonious working relationship with foreign principals and employers ever mindful that in this field, harmony plays a great pivotal role in the expeditions deployment of OFW’s on mutually beneficial employment terms and conditions;


  1. To ensure a steady and ready pool of OFW manpower data base systematically categorized for ready access and mobilization in consonance  to the needs of foreign principals and employers;


  1. To provide OFW’s with legitimate and reliable foreign principals and employers, seeking the best terms and conditions of overseas employment humanly and mutually possible;


  1. To provide a systematic, efficient and expeditious deployment mechanism of competent and qualified OFWs within the time-frame required by foreign their foreign principals and employers;


  1. To be the epitome of an OFW and employer – friendly Philippine overseas placement agency working as global partners for the greater good and  greater number of satisfied clients.

Our Company


Accepting the challenge of a new frontier in human resource development, Ascend International Services Inc. (Ascend) was organized as early as 1979.

Overseas employment then as a new and untapped employment horizon, saw the active deployment of skilled and semi-skilled OFWs in the fields of construction and engineering, medical and domestic services in various countries such as the United States of America, the Middle East and in Southeast Asia.

In 1996, Ascend came under a new management, composed mainly by the present stakeholders who painstakingly honed their expertise by hands-on management business acumen, earning the POEA’s Outstanding Performer Award in 1986.

To date, Ascend has gone a long way and has become a by-word in the industry. The deployment of competent, reliable, flexible and trustworthy OFWs in various countries is its main motivation.

It does not rest on its laurels but rather, it continues to carve its rightful place in overseas employment and development of new markets while at the same time maintaining satisfied foreign counter-parts and employers.

Our main office is conveniently located in Ermita, Manila, proximate to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor and Employment Administration, the twin government agencies of the Philippines playing a pivotal role in overseas employment and likewise to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

AISI corporate address at contact numbers are as follows:

            Address                     :           Room 309 L & S Bldg., 1414 Roxas Blvd.,

                                                            Ermita, Manila

            Tel. No.                      :            (+632) 523 – 3051  / 523 – 2852

            Fax No.                      :           (+632) 526- 2465

            Email Address                      :           [email protected]

At the Helm


Manning the day to day affairs of Ascend since 1986 is President Ms. Amor C. Desepeda.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the M.V. Gallego Foundation College in Cabanatuan City in 1976, Ms. Amor, as she is fondly called by her staff and colleagues, had previous stints in her nursing career as company nurse for ten (10) years at the National Irigation Administration. Though seemingly far-fetched from overseas employment, her nursing background at the prime entry and exit point of the country, proved to be valuable in inestimable pecuniary measures in caring for Ascend’s clients as patients would.

Rising from the ranks as Ascend’s staff in 1986, she soon became its Operations Manager under the old management. As a fitting recognition of her invaluable service and dedication to her work, she became the company’s first President under the new management in 1996 and continues to hold the position until this day.

Today, President Amor packs a full twenty two (22) solid years of experience in the fields of overseas employment.

Modest and soft spoken, she confidently and familiarly steers the company both in sunny and stormy weather under God’s able and mighty hand.



To our Foreign Principals and Employers


·         Competent and reliable recruitment services conducted year-round to assure steady supply of OFW’s for ready deployment.

·         A regularly updated manpower pool of pre-qualified OFW’s for various job categories from where our foreign counterparts and clients may readily access to meet deployment of OFW’s on short notice;

·         An efficient and accessible channel of communications with us for fats response to the opportune needs of our foreign counterpart and employers;

·         Quick action on POEA-related concerns.


To our OFWs:


·         A venue for assured and legitimate overseas principals and employers;

·         Passport assistance and accredited medical practitioners for medical examinations;

·         TESDA and POEA accredited training center pursuant to POEA rules and regulations for house helpers;

·         Competent staff to expeditiously process applications of OFWs for various overseas jobs;

·         Fast deployment of hired and OFWs;

·         Referrals to financial assistance for the OFW families left in the Philippines.



From its manpower pool and data base, Ascend can readily supply the following OFWs:

1.     Professionals ( engineers, accountants, architects, surveyors, professors, lawyers, teachers, etc. )

2.     Hotel/Restaurant Workers ( waiters, cooks, executive housekeepers, barmen, chambermaids, room boys, etc.)

3.     Hospital/Medical Workers ( doctors, nurses, medical technologies. Chemist, botanist, biologist, caregivers, PTs, OTs, etc.)

4.     Executive Staff Members ( managers, directors, consultants, technocrats, experts, etc.)

5.     Information Technology ( programmers, systems analyst, encoders, etc.)

6.     Service Workers ( domestic house helpers, barbers, game table operators, beauticians, tailor, hairdressers, photographers, cameramen, etc.)

7.     Factory Workers ( textile, aluminum, food and beverage processors, furniture makers, rubber and plastic product workers, etc.)

8.     Construction workers ( foremen, work supervisors, mechanic, machinist, electricians, plumbers, tile setters, masons, carpenters, steel workers, heavy equipment operators, drivers ( all categories ), etc.)

9.     Farmers, loggers and related workers.

10.            Other skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers.



(Since 1979)


United States of America :


Middle East:

            Abu Dhabi:


                        Hotel Workers

            Saudi Arabia:


                        Skilled Workers


                        House Helpers

                        Skilled Workers


                        House Helpers


                        Caretaker / Domestic helper

                        Factory Workers

                        Nursing Home



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